Welcome to Pryor Memories Photography! My name is Steve Pryor, and I hope you like what you see here. Please feel free to contact me at

I became interested in photography as a young boy largely because my father was a serious amateur photographer. The science of capturing light seemed fascinating to me, and at 12 years old I took an introductory class in black and white photography. I can still remember the thrill of developing that first role of film and making my first prints! Of course camera technology has changed dramatically since using my dad's Nikon some 30 years ago, but what hasn't changed is the thrill of capturing a great image, and the work that goes into it.

About the same time that I got started in photography, I became exposed to what became an instant and life-long passion: backpacking and winter camping. As a Visalia, California native, I had the vast unbroken wilderness expanses of Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks right in my backyard. Hardly a year has passed that, along with my friends and family, I haven't embarked on some long trip into Muir's "Range of Light", sometimes lasting a couple of weeks. I'm pleased to share some of the images I've captured with you. It's not easy to get to this country, and it's not easy to patiently wait on the sunrise while the water in your bottle freezes at your feet - in August! But the results are worth it, as I hope you'll agree. Scenic landscapes are my original joy, but I also enjoy architecture, sports-action, and wildlife photography.

I often get questions about the various print options, which are many. When looking at any picture, go ahead and click the “Buy” button to activate the drop down menu, and then select the first option, “This Photo”. Don’t worry, there’s no fee involved! Now, though, you have access to all of the various sizes and print options, and if you click on one of the print options you will find helpful information displayed to the left explaining the option. Feel free to give me a call (925-364-4667) or send me an email at!

I hope you enjoy the photos. Thanks in advance, and I look forward to your feedback.